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DigiBrowser vs. Standart Approach

Standard approach using database management system or 3-party tools will do the job, only problem- it’s uneasy.

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Data can be denormalized and transformed in JSON and XML formats or exported to Clusterpoint NoSQL server. We plan to add support for all major NoSQL servers.

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Features List

Database tables tree view
Easy to define tables, relations, table fields for denormalization
Table type semiautomatic determination

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We used Digibrowser to denormalize a complex hospital IT system from legacy SQL data containing 100 tables, 500 columns and 1 million patients data into Clusterpoint XML database model creating a single e-health record per patient in less than two days. DigiBrowser works for us like a charm!

Gints Ernestsons, CEO, Clusterpoint Ltd

DigiBrowser is Simple. Smart. Stunning.

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